Quit Your 9-5 and start living a FREEDOM life

Learn how to create multiple 6 figure passive income streams

Build a thriving online business in 2023 even if you have nothing to sell & have 0 experience!


In this masterclass.....

Learn how to Create a Time Freedom Framework & Start Earning as an Affiliate.

If you are looking to work smarter not harder in 2023, and you're ready for a new way of working and living then this masterclass is for you. 


It outlines the exact system and business model I use and how I got started as an affiliate marketer. Just click the link below and you will get instant access.

Here's what will be diving into in the masterclass:

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The 3 Steps that Make up a Time Freedom Framework

What you actually need to build to 'replace' yourself make sales without being present. Once you learn this you have these skills for life!

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How to Avoid the 6 Most Common (& Fatal) Mistakes Made by Digital Marketers
These might stop you from ever making a dollar online, you need to know these. You may be making them already so learning now will help you succeed.

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The reason you should never start an affiliate business based solely on 'the products' 

And...how to shift the way you think so you can create an income that you truly desire. You have the potential to create uncapped earnings.

Hi I'm Gita
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Privately, I’m a mother… partner to my soul mate… and a great friend.

I’m a midlife woman currently right in the thick of menopause, I say this as I am proud to share the message with other midlife women so you know that there are options for you and you don’t have to put up with the same ole ways of working and doing life anymore.  There is a better way.

Moving into midlife and menopause has been a big change, sometimes it’s challenging and other times it’s amazing but what I do know is I have learned a LOT along the way, one thing is for sure I never want the stress of working for someone else on their terms ever again.

A lot changes in your body some good some not so good but learning a new way to manage the symptoms and hormonal fluctuations is key to reducing them to almost nothing (this is where I am now by the way) initially when the symptoms hit hot flushes, they were so debilitating. I could not carry on doing what I was doing, working in a stressful 9-5 corporate job anymore, it was not an option.


I couldn't go on... I knew there was a better way
I had to find a new way of working I knew that doing something online was a great option but I did not know what or where to start I had no product to sell, and my social media accounts were non-existent and pretty dormant…so the search began. 

The frustration of having to answer to a “boss” and work towards KPI’s and even turning up to meetings and appointments on time was not an option for me anymore.

I had wanted this for a long time, a solution that offered me time and location freedom but had not found the right vehicle that aligned with all my values.  

Then a few months ago everything changed... I had been following a girl on TikTok and watching her start from nothing with no experience she made $10K in her first month and has gone on to have 5 figure months consistently I kept watching then finally I took the leap and watched this masterclass.
And now here I am doing the exact same thing…


Then I watched THIS Masterclass I'm Sharing Here
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This masterclass that I'm now sharing with you (and the people you'll be introduced to) inspired me deeply, and watching it became the start of my online business journey and the lifestyle I'm now living.
If you want to be in control of your own time, you want to live life on your terms, then starting an affiliate marketing business might be the best decisions you've ever made. 
All you need is a willingness to learn, be determined and put in the effort to set up the business framework. Once you're set up, the business is highly automated. Meaning that it won't require all of your precious time to keep it running, so you can spend time on the things that matter to you the most ✨

I’m so passionate about helping midlife women create wealth and abundance the FREEDOM Lifestyle way (aka working as little as possible for maximum financial gain)
The way I do business and earn an income now has been absolutely life changing, and I want to teach you to have this too.
THE Best Decision EVER!
The biggest change I made in my life once menopause hit was the decision to leave my 9-5 and the stress of a high level senior corporate role and create an online income that allows me to work whenever I like, where ever I like giving me TIME AND LOCATION FREEDOM.

It was THE best decision ever!


I want to help you do the same so let's do this, you absolutely can have a life you truly desire if you choose it so LET'S GO! 

I am here to support you on your journey.

Gita xx




Start Your Journey Today!

How to Create a Time Freedom Framework & Start Earning as an Affiliate.